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God, the Devil, & Bob

To See It Is To Love It

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A community for the short-live TV show, "God, the Devil, & Bob"
A show that ended long before it's time. This community is to provide a place for people to discuss the show. Thankfully, this show (finally!) was released on DVD in January, 2005.

Season One Ep Airdate Title
1. Mar 09/00(US) In the Beginning
2. Mar 14/00(US) Andy Runs Away
3. Mar 21/00(US) Date From Hell
4. Mar 28/00(US) The Devil’s Birthday

Stopped airing. Further eps would have been:

5. Jun 10/03(US) Bob Gets Committed
6. Jun 10/03(US) Neighbor's Keeper
7. Jun 12/03(US) Lonely at the Top
8. Jun 12/03(US) God's Favorite
9. Jun 13/03(US) Bob Gets Greedy
10. Jun 15/03(US) There's Too Much Sex on TV
11. Jun 15/03(US) Bob's Father
12. Jun 15/03(US) God's Girlfriend
13. Jun 15/03(US) Bob Gets Involved

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