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God, the Devil, & Bob
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Date:2006-07-30 14:38
Subject:Caps of the intro

These are my 1st caps, and they aren't the best. They're taken from a file I downloaded long before the show was out on DVD. But I don't have a DVD drive, so, ya know, limited. But since NO caps seem to be out there for the show, I figured not-great caps are still better than no caps.

There's a Photobucket Gallery with the intro right now. I'll be working on uploading The Devil's Birthday episode soon. If anyone wants a zip, just let me know.

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Please comment/credit if using. (At least comment *G*)
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Date:2005-05-18 19:11
Subject:post request

If anyone has any scren caps, icons, etc (to share or just to show off!), please post them. We'd love to see!

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Date:2005-04-09 19:52

My favorites are the pilot, Bob Gets Greedy, & The Devil's Birthday.

The pilot sold me on the show.
I love Donna changing so much in Bob Gets Greedy, showing how temptation is something to *everyone.*
And my hubby & I just have too much fun with "It's a scone!" in The Devil's Birthday. Really, we use a lot of jokes from that episode...

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Date:2005-02-19 21:59
Subject:Screen Caps?

Anyone know where I can find some screen caps of God, the Devil, & Bob? I wanna make some icons but am having trouble finding pics...

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Date:2005-01-08 22:49
Subject:Commentary on Ep. 1 on the DVDs
Mood: frustrated

IIRC, I believe they said that they'd had Jewish, Catholic, & Christian advisers as part as their group in making the show. They also said that most of the picketting, nasty emails, & nasty letters were before the show even *aired.*

There are people in every possible group (religion, area, 1st names, *anything*!) that are just not able to have open minds about things... *sigh*

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Date:2005-01-01 23:41
Subject:3 days & counting!
Mood: excited

The DVD set will be released Jan 4th!! Woooot!

I am gonna buy these the 1st day they come out, cuz I want the numbers high so whoever will smack themselves in the head going "Oh man! We so shoulda released this a long time ago!"

Anyone else have plans to get it the 1st day?

Prices for the DVDs (partially from tvondvd):
Amazon: 22.12
Best Buy: 19.99
Circuit City: 17.99
Walmart: 22.93
FYE: 18.99
Target: Looks like 24.99

If you have more or different quotes, please post. :)

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Date:2004-12-15 08:29
Subject:More news on the DVD release
Mood: excited

Looks like there will be several commentaries & interviews from the set!

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Date:2004-12-03 08:16
Subject:Official release coming!!
Mood: ecstatic

It's what I've been waiting years for!! God, the Devil, & Bob is finally going to be officially released on Jan 4, 2005!!!!!

I'm so excited! Cuz the VCDs or DVDs that someone capped that I have are better than nothing, but the sound quality SUCKS!


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Date:2004-10-01 23:46
Subject:GDB on ebay

I don't know if this is reliable or not, but someone's listing 3 sets of the VCDs.

I know NOTHING of this person. This is NOT an endorsement. Bid at your own risk. Etc...

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Date:2004-03-13 23:22
Subject:Have not seen the show...
Mood: hopeful

Hi all!
I have just recently joined this community cause I am a HUGE fan of THE Alan Cumming and I so want to see this comedy of his! Can anyone share a few episodes with me? Through aim or something? Or tell me where I could get them? I feel so deprived! I want to see this show so bad! I'd appreciate anybody's help!

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Date:2004-02-28 21:08
Mood: happy

Today I got my VCDs of God, the Devil, & Bob!!! YAY!! The look fantastic! The only bad thing is that the sound effects and things seemed so much louder than the dialogue. (A friend of mine who does some capturing has told me that audio is usually the hardest part w/capturing, so I'm not actually complaining.) You can still hear *almost* all the dialogue, so I'm pretty much ok with it. Way better than not having it at all! :)

I'm sure the hubby & I will start watching them starting w/the 1st episode this wk sometime.


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Date:2004-02-16 18:36

i've brought pictures to share and love:

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Date:2004-02-15 19:05
Subject:Favorite ep

My favorite ep I expect will ALWAYS be the 1st. It always just really struck me. Here this guy has met God. The Creator of Heaven & Earth, and everyone's too busy with thier own petty stuff (like the son had some crazy thing going on or something) to even listen to him.

Loved it.

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Date:2004-02-13 23:19
Mood: anxious

I LOVED this show. I'm so frustrated (STILL) that only 4 eps aired. It could at LEAST be on DVD or something...

(I'm putting ** next to eps I have on my computer)

Season One Ep Airdate Title
**1. Mar 09/00(US) In the Beginning
**2. Mar 14/00(US) Andy Runs Away
3. Mar 21/00(US) Date From Hell
**4. Mar 28/00(US) The Devil’s Birthday

Stopped airing. Further eps would have been:

5. Jun 10/03(US) Bob Gets Committed
6. Jun 10/03(US) Neighbor's Keeper
7. Jun 12/03(US) Lonely at the Top
8. Jun 12/03(US) God's Favorite
9. Jun 13/03(US) Bob Gets Greedy
**10. Jun 15/03(US) There's Too Much Sex on TV
11. Jun 15/03(US) Bob's Father
12. Jun 15/03(US) God's Girlfriend
13. Jun 15/03(US) Bob Gets Involved

So here's the deal...

Does anyone have any of these eps? Or know of anyone w/these eps? I would be soooo happy to exchange episodes w/anyone who doesn't have the ones I have for eps I don't have. (Or really, I'd be happy to share them, period!)

I know that most of the show was not Biblically based or anything, but there was enough truth in eps that it made for some interesting conversations. And that's what I really love. :)

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